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Major ARML Awards

Alfred Kalfus Founder's Award

Samuel L. Greitzer Award

Harry and Ruth Ruderman Award

Douglas Cameron Baker Memorial Award

Zachary Sobol Award


Individual Event Winners

D.E. Shaw & Co. Top Individual High Scorers

The 38th Annual ARML Competition will be held on
May 31st and June 1st, 2013.

Click Here For The Complete Results From the 2012 Competition.

North Carolina A1 is the winner of the A Division from 2012!

The WWP CML Legends B1 is the winner of the B Division from 2012!

Allen Liu won the "Tie-Breaker Round" and is the
winner of the Individual Competition!

Allen Liu of Upstate, NY (8th grade) and Shyam Narayanan of Kansas (9th Grade) each had
perfect scores (10 out of 10) in the Individual Competition.

The team from China is the winner of the IRML-Onsite International Division!

The team from Hong Kong is the winner of the IRML-Offsite Internatonal Division!

Here is the contest ARML 2012 Contest File (PDF).

Letter to all ARML Participants from Wolfram Research


The American Regions Mathematics League's annual competition brings together the nation's finest students. They meet, compete against, and socialize with one another, forming friendships and sharpening their mathematical skills. Since its inception in 1976, ARML has snowballed, burgeoned, and mushroomed into a national program, involving almost 2000 students and teachers from almost every state. Simply put, ARML is the World Series of mathematics competitions. The contest is written for high school students, although some exceptional junior high students attend each year. The competition consists of several events, which include a team round, a power question (in which a team solves proof-oriented questions), an individual round, two relay rounds (in which a contestant solves a problem and passes his/her answer to another team member, who uses this answer to solve another problem), and a super relay. In all, about 120+ teams will participate. A team consists of 15 students, high school age or lower. The competition takes place the weekend immediately following Memorial Day. Most teams arrive on campus Friday afternoon, stay in University dorms, and leave the day after the competition. The competition begins early Saturday morning at Penn State, the University of Georgia, and the University of Iowa, and in the early evening on Friday at UNLV.

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